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About Elevate Daytona

Dr. Primrose Cameron presenting at Elevate Daytona Beach

Elevate Daytona Beach was created by The Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Daytona Alumni Council to promote innovation and leadership within our community.

Launching to a sold out crowd of 250 community members in 2016, the Elevate Daytona Beach committee has organized Elevate events to continue its mission to identify, share and support community leadership, innovative ideas and improvement programs.

So what is an Elevate talk? Think of it as a fast-paced TED talk, designed to engage, educate and entertain the local community on a range of topics. The format requires presenters to use 20 presentation slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds.

Attendees can expect to be entertained, learn something new and unique, be motivated and experience some of the most innovative individuals in our community.


Elevate Talk Specifics

Elevate talks are a forum for ideas, not for marketing. It is not that presenters are not allowed to talk about their work or your business, but should do so in such a way that it informs a larger idea.

The goal is to get people thinking and talking. For example, great Elevate presentations can:

  • Come up with and explain an innovative way to solve a problem
  • Show people a new or unexpected way to look at something familiar
  • Pull back the curtains on a complex process
  • Show how something isnʼt what it seems
  • Show how something is what it seems but maybe should not be
  • Challenge or debunk a preconceived notion
  • Illuminate a fascinating but hidden bit of culture
  • Give people a challenge they can act upon (without demanding that they do so)
  • Present a new way to consider an opinion
  • Present an old but forgotten way to consider an opinion

Every speaker represents her activities and work. Sometimes that is a critical component of a good talk. The idea comes first. The speaker’s organization (or business/job/cause/politics) should be secondary.

Elevate Daytona Beach is a place to be creative, vulnerable and have fun. The best talks are the ones fueled by true passion.  To learn more, watch our past speakers and their talks by clicking here.

Resources from Elevate Daytona Beach Presentations

Some Elevate Daytona Beach topics address community issues in ways that seek to improve the condition of those affected. In an effort to provide additional information, the Leadership Daytona Alumni Council has created this page to highlight these resources. At each subsequent event, we'll grow the ways in which people may seek help, or offer their support, on these subjects.

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