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Past Speakers

Event Date: August 26, 2021
Muriel Fuqua
Mustard Seed Miracle
Shaba Shams
I'm Not From Here, I'm Not From There
Wilson Kowaleski
Changing the World
Paula Rua
The Power of Five
Christina Arnold
Gifts and Curses of Technology
Dr. Barry Tishler
Recovery-Friendly Workplace
LaToya Carey
Dear Sons of My Heart
Kym Nguyen and Krista Goodrich
We Are Humankind
Carmen Ruiz
It's Time to Say eNOugh
Rusty Gardner
Accidental Happiness
Chris Rock
Discovering Purpose
Monica Torre Curti Vidal
Are We Happy Yet?
Andres Martinez
Dr. Primrose Cameron
Love Is Universal
Event Date: August 27, 2020
Ryan Lilly
Finding My Creativity in Pappyland
Sandy Brantley
Wake the Duck Up
Adrienne Barker
Head Up. Speak Out.
Patrick Seaser
How to Survive Without a Job
Gina Tyckoson
Miracle Growth for Your Financial Garden
Andres Martinez
22 a Day Is Not OK
Fred Bergeron
It's All About Integrity
Sean Donovan and Thays Franca
Dr. Delicia Haynes
Rethinking Healthcare Delivery
Maria Davila
Faith in the Storm
Krista Goodrich
Crushing Limiting Beliefs & Embracing Failure
Event Date: July 18, 2019
Matt Graifer
The Real Life Survivor Series
Ronnie Mack
Say Hello
Bibi Leblanc
I Am a Berliner
Brittny Olds
Life After College
Dave Carley
Homeless in an Instant
Karin Weiri
The Myth of Mental Health
Melissa Chipps
Brian Griffin
From Corner to Spotlight
Shelly Kwiatkouski
Heart to Heart
Rocco Kalas
Addiction in the Family & Community
Beth Ramsay
Rochelle Taught Me
Maria Hernandez
Let Go
Stephanie Ford
From Pissed to Blessed
Aishah Abosamra
Big Voice
Event Date: January 17, 2019
Judy Alderson

I am an "inbetweener"

Nancy Benet
Dancing to Success

Melody Bradley
A New Old Way of Learning

Linda Carley
An Illusion of Normal

Kristina Circelli
Watch Me

Amelia Fulmer
Music Leads The Way

Tom Kramer
My Sex Ed.

Melody Lankford
Just Say "Yes!"

Patrick Lott
Resolution vs. Reconciliation

Ronnie Mack
Say Hello

Julie McLean
From Playground to Professional

Kelly Moore
Tell Your Money Where to Go


Event Date: July 19, 2018 
Edrico Ambrister
The Negativity Necessity

Julie Barrow
All You Need is Love

Fred Bergeron
My Story

Karlos Bernart

Anthony Ford 
No Hospital U-Turns

Dr. Jean LaCour
Cost of Doing Business in a "High" Society

Jamie Newcomb
Variety is the Spice of Life

Brian Rosati
Putting the "I" in Team

Jeff Steinberg 
Don't Suck at Sales

Ryan Will
It's more than a playground

Chester Wilson 
Mental Health in the African American Community

Emilie Wren
Social Media for Good not Evil

Event Date: January 18, 2018
Zach Cordell
The Closet Monster

Lea D'Loughy
Your Amazing Voice

Sean Donovan
Write Your Life

Thays Franca
Questionable Decisions

Angela Kelman
How Do You Define Yourself

Ken Kinsler
Inside Outside

Alex Kratochwill
Restart Your Life

Jonny Magill
Your Life's Bank

Tom Mondloch
My Trust Issues

Arin Patterson
Imagine, Inspire, Influence

Ray Schumann
Rapport Opens The Door

Mykal Tairu
Money, Power, Perceptions

Monica Vega
Minimalism - The Art of Losing 


Event Date: July 20, 2017
Shawn Abbatessa
For Some, The Battle Never Ends
Chris Evans
The Mentoring Effect
Mike Jiloty
Anything you say can - and will- be used against you!
Eveline Kraljic
To Bee or Not To Bee?
Robin King
The Power to Succeed or Fail
Costa Magoulas
Kitchen Gadgets Are Not Your Friend
Sharon Parziale
Talking to Myself: Thought, Belief, Decision and Flat Squirrels
Jill Piazza
Community Care
Ken Phelps
Why I'm Volusia Proud and You Should Be Too!
Silas Santos
One Thing
Katy Steinberg
Rise of the Nones
Stephanie Mason-Teague
Got Culture
Sam Willett
Housing First
Event Date: January 5, 2017
Courtney Edgcomb 
The Science of Service
Jayne Fifer
We Make It Here
Jacquelyn Gioertz
The Magic in You
Dr. Delicia Haynes
Stress Less
Matthew Hoffman
The Decision is Yours
James Jiloty
Find Your Moneyball Magic
Steve Keeler
Absolute America
Arin Patterson
One Little Word
Karen Petersen
No Escape
Joe Petrock
New Work Habits
Nikki Ralston
Open the Book
Teresa Rand
The Glass Ceiling
Dave Spitzer
Motorsports: More Humanity for the Next Generation?
John Ward
My 24
Marty Ward
Bullyproof Your Child

Event Date: May 12, 2016 
Melissa Chipps
Positivity and Determination
Ron Eaglin
Adventure + Racing
Costa Magoulas
How Color Affects the Taste of Food
Lacey McLaughlin
Giving Ideas a Place to Grow
Jenny Nazak
Filling our empty spaces; a grassroots approach to Urban Renewal
Kathryn Neal
The Darkside of Chocolate
Tony Otte
How are you going to support yourself?
Ryan Paiva
Minimum Viable Products
Karen Petersen
Elegantly Wasted
Brian Walton
Developing Opportunity for People with I/DD
Gail Warner
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Rick de Yampert
Curate Your Life


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