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Past Speakers

Event Date: August 25, 2022

J.B. Birney - Grow Brain Grow

Lorene King - The "L" Word - It's Up to Us

Nina Guiglotto - Death

Lynea Benjamin - Equitable Journey

Danielle Garrett - Beating the Odds

Michael Elliott - Hope

Matt Graifer - The "Five Year Plan"

Dr. Barry Tishler - Adverse Childhood Experiences - ACEs

Kristine Totanes - Combating Imposter Syndrome and Redefining "Success"

Dr. Jaime Bracero - Any Age or Any Stage

Adrianne Toles-Williams - Stories a Smile Doesn't Tell

Rachail Allen - What If...?

Event Date: August 26, 2021
Muriel Fuqua - Mustard Seed Miracle
Shaba Shams - I'm Not From Here, I'm Not From There
Wilson Kowaleski - Changing the World
Paula Rua - The Power of Five
Christina Arnold - Gifts and Curses of Technology
Dr. Barry Tishler - Recovery-Friendly Workplace
LaToya Carey - Dear Sons of My Heart
Kym Nguyen and Krista Goodrich - We Are Humankind
Carmen Ruiz - It's Time to Say eNOugh
Rusty Gardner - Accidental Happiness
Chris Rock - Discovering Purpose
Monica Torre Curti Vidal - Are We Happy Yet?
Andres Martinez - Forgiveness
Dr. Primrose Cameron - Love Is Universal
Event Date: August 27, 2020
Ryan Lilly - Finding My Creativity in Pappyland
Sandy Brantley - Wake the Duck Up
Adrienne Barker - Head Up. Speak Out.
Patrick Seaser - How to Survive Without a Job
Gina Tyckoson - Miracle Growth for Your Financial Garden
Andres Martinez - 22 a Day Is Not OK
Fred Bergeron - It's All About Integrity
Sean Donovan and Thays Franca - Relation"Ships"
Dr. Delicia Haynes - Rethinking Healthcare Delivery
Maria Davila - Faith in the Storm
Krista Goodrich - Crushing Limiting Beliefs & Embracing Failure
Event Date: July 18, 2019
Matt Graifer - The Real Life Survivor Series
Ronnie Mack - Say Hello
Bibi Leblanc - I Am a Berliner
Brittny Olds - Life After College
Dave Carley - Homeless in an Instant
Karin Weiri - The Myth of Mental Health
Melissa Chipps - Confidence
Brian Griffin - From Corner to Spotlight
Shelly Kwiatkouski - Heart to Heart
Rocco Kalas - Addiction in the Family & Community
Beth Ramsay - Rochelle Taught Me
Maria Hernandez - Let Go
Stephanie Ford - From Pissed to Blessed
Aishah Abosamra - Big Voice
Event Date: January 17, 2019


Judy Alderson - I am an "inbetweener"

Nancy Benet - Dancing to Success

Melody Bradley - A New Old Way of Learning

Linda Carley - An Illusion of Normal

Kristina Circelli - Watch Me

Amelia Fulmer - Music Leads the Way

Tom Kramer - My Sex Ed.

Melody Lankford - Just Say "Yes!"

Patrick Lott - Resolution vs. Reconciliation

Ronnie Mack - Say Hello

Julie McLean - From Playground to Professional

Kelly Moore - Tell Your Money Where to Go


Event Date: July 19, 2018 
Edrico Ambrister - The Negativity Necessity

Julie Barrow - All You Need is Love

Fred Bergeron - My Story

Karlos Bernart - B.I.K.E.

Anthony Ford - No Hospital U-Turns

Dr. Jean LaCour - Cost of Doing Business in a "High" Society

Jamie Newcomb - Variety is the Spice of Life

Brian Rosati - Putting the "I" in Team

Jeff Steinberg - Don't Suck at Sales

Ryan Will - It's more than a playground

Chester Wilson - Mental Health in the African American Community

Emilie Wren - Social Media for Good not Evil

Event Date: January 18, 2018
Zach Cordell - The Closet Monster

Lea D'Loughy - Your Amazing Voice

Sean Donovan - Write Your Life

Thays Franca - Questionable Decisions

Angela Kelman - How Do You Define Yourself

Ken Kinsler - Inside Outside

Alex Kratochwill - Restart Your Life

Jonny Magill - Your Life's Bank

Tom Mondloch - My Trust Issues

Arin Patterson - Imagine, Inspire, Influence

Ray Schumann - Rapport Opens The Door

Mykal Tairu - Money, Power, Perceptions

Monica Vega - Minimalism - The Art of Losing 


Event Date: July 20, 2017
Shawn Abbatessa - For Some, The Battle Never Ends
Chris Evans - The Mentoring Effect
Mike Jiloty - Anything you say can - and will- be used against you!
Eveline Kraljic - To Bee or Not To Bee?
Robin King - The Power to Succeed or Fail
Costa Magoulas - Kitchen Gadgets Are Not Your Friend
Sharon Parziale - Talking to Myself: Thought, Belief, Decision and Flat Squirrels
Jill Piazza - Community Care
Ken Phelps - Why I'm Volusia Proud and You Should Be Too!
Silas Santos - One Thing
Katy Steinberg - Rise of the Nones
Stephanie Mason-Teague - Got Culture
Sam Willett - Housing First
Event Date: January 5, 2017
Courtney Edgcomb - The Science of Service
Jayne Fifer - We Make It Here
Jacquelyn Gioertz - The Magic in You
Dr. Delicia Haynes - Stress Less
Matthew Hoffman - The Decision is Yours
James Jiloty - Find Your Moneyball Magic
Steve Keeler - Absolute America
Arin Patterson - One Little Word
Karen Petersen - No Escape
Joe Petrock - New Work Habits
Nikki Ralston - Open the Book
Teresa Rand - The Glass Ceiling
Dave Spitzer - Motorsports: More Humanity for the Next Generation?
John Ward - My 24
Marty Ward - Bullyproof Your Child

Event Date: May 12, 2016 
Melissa Chipps - Positivity and Determination
Ron Eaglin - Adventure + Racing
Costa Magoulas - How Color Affects the Taste of Food
Lacey McLaughlin - Giving Ideas a Place to Grow
Jenny Nazak - Filling our empty spaces; a grassroots approach to Urban Renewal
Kathryn Neal - The Darkside of Chocolate
Tony Otte - How are you going to support yourself?
Ryan Paiva - Minimum Viable Products
Karen Petersen - Elegantly Wasted
Brian Walton - Developing Opportunity for People with I/DD
Gail Warner - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Rick de Yampert - Curate Your Life


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